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iPage : Web Hosting Sites Review

iPage : Web Hosting Sites Review
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Ipage makes having your very own website easy. This includes beginners who have never built a site as well as expert webmasters. The system is easy to use and maintain, with a lot of powerful tools and features to ensure that everything works properly and your site can be found.

Hosting Plans:
Ipage has a number of excellent hosting features that make it a standout choice in this space. For starters, the service is tailored to an international customer base; this works equally well wherever in the world you are located or plan on doing business. Unlike other plans, you are limited here. Every customer will receive unlimited disk storage space and bandwidth. You will never again need to worry about too many files or outgrowing your plan.
The custom control panel is easy to use and manage. There is also a built in FTP account, which allows for the easy uploading of additional files, images, products, video, audio, etc... As a customer, you will also receive an unlimited number of MySQL databases, which is terrific for using catalogs and other query driven sites.
Email is also another area many sites use regularly. Once again, iPage has you covered here. There are an unlimited number of email accounts available, which can be tied to your domain for a true professional look. Every account comes with auto responders to help make your marketing truly automated, virus checking, spam filters and even email forwarding.
You get all this, plus a 99.9% up-time guarantee!
Pricing Concerns:
Knowing what you get for your money is always an important consideration when deciding to invest in a website solution provider. Most other companies have multiple plans to choose from. These can often be confusing and difficult to decipher, not to mention determine which is the best value (or right for your situation). Not here. gives you all the features which are offered for one low price! No more trying to figure out how much disk space or bandwidth is needed (you have unlimited), and no more trying to decide which is the best value.
Customer Support:
Unlike many other online companies, iPage offers first class support. You may send an email through the online form and expect a speedy reply by knowledgeable staff members. There is also phone support and even live chat for members. Once again, the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
The site itself offers additional support options. These include a FAQ section that provides answers to the most commonly asked queries, a searchable knowledge base, and even tutorials walking you through various functions and features offered by the site. With all of this, there should never be a moment where you wonder what to do or who to ask.
Reliability is also a big concern, especially with something as important as your online web presence. Every site includes the legendary iPage 99.9% up-time guarantee. This is one of the most important things to look at; having your site remain accessible to customers and visitors is absolutely essential.
Your new website will also come with an enhanced security suite and equipment. The network is monitored 24/7 and all files are physically stored on state of the art servers in a secured location. Load balancing also helps ensure the reliability of your site.
Ease of Use:
The iPage system is also one of the easiest to use. Even if you have never built a site before, the drag and drop editor is simple and full, step by step instructions are included. It is as easy as using your favorite word processor. You can also choose a pre-built template to help create your new site. The control panel allows easy access to all your files and statistics.
Bottom Line:
Ipage is a great place for both beginners and experienced web professionals. Service is excellent and there are tons of features to help ensure your success.

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