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Godaddy : Web Hosting Sites Review

Godaddy : Web Hosting Sites Review
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Overview: is the largest of all hosting and domain providers. A good estimate is that they service over 45 million domain names, which is many times larger than even their closest competitor. They have been in business for a long time and won all kinds of awards and garnered numerous types of media attention. You have probably seen the TV ads.

Hosting Plans:
The range of features and options which you will have at your fingertips is truly exceptional here at GoDaddy. To start with, even the basic shared hosting packages come with a good amount of storage space, 10GB and more (the larger plan includes unlimited storage). There is also unlimited bandwidth and a huge number of FTP and MySQL accounts/databases. The up-time guarantee is a very solid 99.9% and your email options are varied, including 100 accounts, forwarding and an auto responder (for those interested in using their site for marketing purposes this is a great tool). The marketing credits will also come in quite handy in promoting your site.
Beyond this, the company also offers even more. For sites that will need more attention or consume more resources, choose reseller or managed hosting. Many of these plans will enable you to have your own piece of server resources and space (in some cases this is dedicated so that you are indeed the only files on that particular server or hard drive). All of these plans offer an excellent value. Choose according to the size and needs of your business or situation.
Pricing Concerns:
Go Daddy makes it easy to choose the plan that is a perfect fit for you. While price is always a concern, here it is not an issue. This is because you are really offered so much that there is no doubting the value inherent in any of these propositions. In fact, when you can get an unlimited amount of storage space, unlimited amount of bandwidth and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains on a single account (as is the case with the Ultimate Plan) for under £6 per month, the smart decision is to grab it!
Customer Support:
Go Daddy is also known for their excellent customer support. There is a fast email and ticketing system available. Of course, this is a very large company (45 million customers is nothing to sneeze at), so the average response time is about 24 hours. You can also contact support through their phone number almost any time of the day or night.
Beyond this there are a number of online resources. There is a handy FAQ section and a number of online support forums. Each of these should be able to supply answers to most any query.
One of the things that GoDaddy is known for is the quality of their network. This includes having some of the most cutting edge pieces of computing technology, multiple secure and powerful connections to the internet and 24/7/365 in-house monitoring of their network.
Of course, each customer hosting account will also be accessible day or night. This is held accountable through their 99.9% up-time guarantee. You will also be able to create password protected directories and manage your own site through the control panel.
Ease of Use:
You will find all of the features here very easy to use. Even the proprietary control panel, which includes a file, domain and database manager, is terrific. They are all incredibly intuitive and also include directions. The only caution is that some functions, such as setting up a new database, maybe take up to 24 hours to show up and be ready to use. .
Bottom Line:
GoDaddy is one of the best hosting options around. You will find the range of plans and features to be spectacular. This is truly a one-stop shop.

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